•   Kiran Desai


    Founded by Kiran Desai in 2013, KIRAN DESAI ASSOCIATES is a multidisciplitnary architectural, interior design, landscaping and urban planning firm.

    At Kiran Desai Associates -

    • We work on multiple scales and across various organizations. Our clients include private and corporate organizations. We specialize in experimenting and personalizing the projects to cater to the client’s specific requirements. This involves
      1. master planning
      2. architectural and interior projects - luxury villas, high end esidences and unique offices
      3. Hospitality and institutional projects.
    • Our design approach is to innovate and integrate architecture and nature to optimise space, use natural materials, enhances lighting & landscape.
    • We strive to create inspiring designs with the aim to influence lifestyle and society via unique architectural designs.
    • Our goal is client satisfaction through hard work, customization, honesty to design andconstant strive towards creativity and innovation, balance between functionality, aesthetics, context, climate, material, cost and time-frame.
    • The Principals are registered architects with the Council of Architecture, Associates of the Indian Institute of Architects and IIID.
      Leena Desai

    Leena Desai, a spatial designer by profession, graduated as an interior designer from B.N College of Architecture, Pune and further pursued her masters from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore (NAFA) & Huddersfield University, UK. Prior to associating herself with KDA in 2015, she established “ ThinkSpace” in Singapore which augmented her expertise and proficiency. Her experience with globally acclaimed interior design firms in Singapore and India, shaped her career path, elevating her as a design director. She further strengthened her skills by pursuing post graduation in Construction Management from NICMAR, Pune. She was among 10 K women entrepreneurs to receive Goldman Sachs & ISB Scholarship. Leena believes in establishing a personal signature, an individual strategic approach which is promoted through design thinking, realisation and implementation

  • Our team is handpicked to represent the best in the industry. We, the team, comprise of professionals with highest level of ethical values and professional / technical capabilities appropriate for specific projects. We are a highly motivated and professional team with the right leadership / communication skills, credentials, energy and production resources necessary for successful completion of each project.
    Each project team comprises a lead project manager, the architectural production staff, the engineering and special consultant professionals.

    KIRAN DESAI is the principal, lead architect and project manager of the prime firm. Kiran supervises each project personally in its entirety to bring it to a successful fruition. He brings vast expertise and energy to the table. His excellent leadership and communication skills contribute to a cohesive team work experience leading to success in each individual project. His areas of expertise include a focus on creativity and innovation, a variety of new construction and remodelling and renovation work.

  • Our mission is to focus on innovation and creativity to establish ikdeas as the leader in the field and provide best value for money to our clients.
  • Our vision is to be the leading design firm in our industry, driven by commitment to excellence and be recognized for bringing value and innovation to each client across the industry.